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i’m skipping the misses and the kisses. You know how much i have been missing you. all of you.

So i arrive to the city, and i just felt a layer that i was not aware about and this layer was supposed to be protecting me. I think is  what being in europe have always felt for me, but now i can perhaps talk about it, not just say ” I have Europe”. So arriving, seeing all these tourists, i mean what looks like tourists for me, totally overwhelming.

So, the reservation for my arrival was on the 15, but my ticket that they bought for me was on the 14, so after few phone calls. I get to the hostel, where i share my room with 6 spanish girls and a guy smootchin under my bed, and i feel asleep. after calling nanwa and x to say hello and i, princess sara have made it to Holland.

maba3ref keef badi ballesh el drama. aw  min ween.inno mabsadi2 la2a sho opropiyeh,la2a inno el ghazal be israel inno la2a, la2a inno ma3na wa7ad min afri2ya, akel wo mar3a wo 2lit sana3a, which is very very very sad. he doesnt do anything, eat and sleeps and go out partying at night and he leaves the work to us.

i don’t know what to say… i mean i want to write but i have no time .. maybe at night i write some on the word and then copy paste it.

be ekhtisar, iam hanging out with the typical typical typical white happy and bright and un political at all bunch of gay activists.. lets see.. how will this develop.

i ate something called stoompon something a dutch dish.. it su sound like a concentration camp, imagine no one laughing at this joke. imagine how good i felt :). mowah .


ok so min hay li Fance sammeta dorra welli mlazz2a 3ala Fance? minhay minhay?
FANCE! dakhilo el sabeh el dayi3 lamma yektob shou mahdoum:) i sooo enjoy your posts:) yel3an abou el ajenib…hek 3emlo bi FANCE..hay fancy hay mish 7ayalla!
so today, at 4am, i woke up with an excruciating pain in my foot, same as when it was broken.
at 9 i calle dima, and she and my flatmate told me inno going to ER and x-ray would cost me…mind you…ntebho mni7..THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…
so i decided to limp until my foot naturally heals. i wont except the ‘my way or the highway’ situation, ya btedfa3eh ya btentekeh..:P
so pray for me peoples:D
so until now, i have bought more than 50 books. mish 3arfeh kif baddeh esh7anon 3a lebnen. but im sooo happy with them. my little new found treasures.
ill be copying posts i wrote on papers when my laptop was suffering.
now i go clean my room.
love u ,
miss u,
bi khsous el eshtiye2?

Well, where should I start from….mmmm…. ok! I will start with the last time we spent with Sara before travelling, it was quite and peaceful actually, even though Sara was having a nervous break down, and she didn’t want to leave Beirut, but at the end of the night, with us all around her, she looked good, and she started smiling and laughing.

At 11:30 pm we all went out, Sara, sarag, Kara, Moe and me to “little china” restaurant, I ate my self out, I was very hungry and I enjoyed the company, + few bruzes on tmy shoulder that completed my night 🙂

And Zen, the good by part came, hugging Sara goodbye, where it hits me! I realised that things will never be the same in these 10 days, now I can understand you jan jan, and understand what it feels to be alone without any of us around. Now that each one of us is in her own world away from each other and away from the things that we are used too, I realised how lucky and blessed that I have found you both. Without both of you here, I AM LOST, I don’t know what to do, or where to go, for since the month of April I have done nothing except hanging with you guys, eating, drinking, laughing, sleeping, nagging, shouting, crying….. With you my sweet hearts,

I so much miss every single detail about you, your hair, eyes … everything…. I suddenly felt that I am missing a huge part of me, in these months that we spent together, I have raised up a family… to me you are my family, we spend time together in a crazy way… together we lose track of time, we make time meaning less… I so much love you ya 3aherati el mofadalat, I so much adore and miss you 🙂 so please come back, and don’t ever never , ever dare to think about moving away ok ? This is the last time that any of you will move your tiny or big or…Sexy, or how ever you see it, asses without taking me with you girls 🙂

So I have been busting my ass with work, habib has made the most beautiful gesture ever, he is an incredible man and I am FALLING SLOWLY with him (I know his wife, and where she lives, so this will be easy  🙂 , all that is missing is a good clever plan  🙂 ) … I can see your reflexes when you reads that sentence, tayeb sho ba3mel she is the only obstacle 🙂

He named the new completion in my name using my birth date, and my first name initials, and said that he will win it for me, I so wanted to jump on him when he said that and give him and incredible hug that will crack his bones.

Today was bad as shit… la2 la2 ma bsadi2 le stress yalli sarli elyoum, be3te2ed ino no2es 3omri shi 3asher sneen elyoum kelo min wara hal safara el 5ara el espanyeh, well I had to go to the safara to deliver the missing documents at 1:00 in the afternoon according to the written paper that is found on the bulletin board at the embassy, wo tab3an 7abebetkon Nancy b komet el nashat, wo el egetehad, took a taxi lal embassy wo kenet honeek at 1:00 sharp , mish ma32oul, mish ma32oule e l accuracy bel mawa3eed, I was very proud of my self , 7asabta sa7, I rang the door’s interphone, and according to the security man I can’t go in until two o’clock le2ano el war2a yalli m3al2ena adeemeh… ino kis e5etkon mella safara m3al2een war2et mwa3eed adeemeh , ino ana baser ya3i , bedrob bel 7ajal …that’s what I told him , he started to laugh .. mnee7 ma ka7ashni, 2ali sorry you have to wait, so I sat for an hour in the sun waiting, le2ano el embassy el sharmouta be b3abda el 7adath , so no way ino roo7 3a Beirut wo erja3, so waiting in the sun , becoming very red and angry , getting in at last , giving a man the papers, and suddenly the man behind the window said : “ ok Nancy that’s good. But where is the yellow paper?”

Nancy with a fake smile on her face: “what yellow paper, (kiss e5etkon 3a e5et el paper b ejri kalab, saying in her heart)

Man: “the wasel! It has the number of your file”

Nancy terribly angry: “I don’t have it, and sorry to inform you that I will not come back to this place until getting my visa, or passport,  so try to fix it in any way… because I promise  you I will not move from her until you take the papers from me and see you putting them in my file. I have been waiting for and hour in the sun because of your old paper! And I am not willing to come back again.”

The man just looked at me, with a wide smile, and softly said: “ok we are sorry we did that to you, so I will make you an exception, can you call someone to give you the number?”

Nancy: “yes I do, can I do that?”  surprised by the man’s reaction, I really though he will throw me out at any second.

Man: yes! Pleas go ahead and make the phone call”

So I directly called Padi, who was in a meeting at the AUB, told him I need his help, so he ran out from the meeting went to the office and gave me the number, and so I gave the man the number, who pulled my file, and added the papers to it.

Telling me with a smiling face: “when you come to get your visa please don’t forget the wasel, and bring your e-ticket with you”

So I apologised for my temper and left. 3anjad sho jel2een wo ma byen3ato wej, ino bas el wa7ed ye3ayet 3alayoun besero metel el bsaynat… 🙂

What elles, dortik ya Sara ma 3am t3eefni since you left J she will enjoy these 10 days lal maximum wo ra7 tneek 3ordi fyoun ana 3arfeh …. Bas b7es b la7za min la7azat el tagali taba3i… ra7 2ela: “E7emmm…. Please bala JALA2, ok!” 🙂 ,

She is coming over in a while, so I better get ready …

There were lots of things that I wanted to tell you guys, but slipped my mind…so until next time

B7ebkon kteeeeeeeeerrrr, ad ma tet5ayalooo , ba3ed aktar… 🙂

Take care you guys… kissing you and hugging you la7ata yedee2 5ele2kon 🙂


Nancy, with a laughing face 🙂

hello girls,
i was away due to course stress, produced by a teacher’s decision: i can attend her class but i cant talk, ask questions, answer questions or interact in class. there s also a group project, i can participate, but without any input.
so all the frustration ..made me silent.
now the other course, the one about historic preservation, the teacher is sooo sweet and she got so ooo excited when i told her i wana write the term paper:)
conclusion: im auditing an ‘urban community’ and ‘historic preservation classes.
conclusion: im in one class where i can in no possible case react to what is going on around me. i had decided not to take it. but then i thought, what the hell, it s an experience by itself:)
urban design, and actually anything concerning city planning, urban politics, governance and even design to a certain extent, are VERY american-centered. it is a VERY important perspective for me, at least im learning what ARE american cities and the systems of governing, but the teachers seem not to care (or know?) about the ‘outside world’.
i mean the teacher today talked about public housing in the 60s in the US and gave examples of projects that had to be destroyed cos they were o horrible…without even mentioning LeCorbusier, who s the father of the modernist architecture which give rise to these projects.
dima thought : it s like talking about class without mentioning marx:) i thought, yes:)
ill come back to you with more,
sara im waitin for some european input O princess,
Fance, im waitin for some input on the new project:)
hugs w devilish thoughts

la marche pour la Palestine

hellooo sara..wen kenteh wli? shta2tellik ya ba2ra
ok so i totally went crazy while reading your blok…i miss u wli, shu cute!
awwal shi, i just came back from my meeting w ur friend and she is such a nice person! im so happy i met her, bel alileh i now know someone a bit sane in this area.
gher hek, sehrani, w rfi2i el mada, ghannilak wiredd el sada! shu shta2et la tallit najwa!
hon ma fi illa makal jackson …
ouleh la nanwa, thx 3al khabriyyeh, ra7 yjenn el shakhes li 7kina 3anno lamma ya3rif shu 3meletllo bikhsous haydik el shaghleh..wink wink iza ma fehmit ba3ed
nanwaaaa..i sooo miss u, 3tiya la sara shwayyit masareh allakhallikeh bass bass 7atta ma tbi3 jasada bel rkhis ta7t jeser el dawra!
shu kamen, so el teflis hon MA BIYEFHAM wa khousousatan inno aghla men lebnen (li deja ma be2dar 3a iktisado) bi shi 3asher marrat.
so m2addeyeta 3am bofsol as3ar w eshtereh men 3and thrift shops..ohhhh a7la shi hon.
atkhan fostan jebto la halla2 bi 5 dollar, 3am jekh…wel style li ana b7ebbo, nawwereh plus plus.
ya alllaaaa , shu b7ebbak lamma bte7ki, ersom 3a shfafak de7ki, tsawwareh inneh shta2et la wael kfouri songs: la 3andeh radio, wala tv, w anja2 internet, w ma bshemm ri7it el music.
fikeh ta3tineh el contacts taba3 rfi2it rfi2tik bi chiapas? just in case.
so tomorrow class, tsawwareh inno teacher sent me an email asking me if i would like to attend the classes this week:)
and the MAJOR class starts on tuesday, wish me luck in that one girls:)

i attended the socialism conference today in san fran….hmmm…..hmmmm…hmmmmmmmmmmm
people saying their opinion about the wars, opression and a place that matters (US) and as decision makers (americans). bet7esseh inno hon biyensama3 , 3anna ma 7ada bi3abberna.

more about that soon.

3am ben7eshir bel wa2et so mafiyeh ektob ktir, bass 3andeh ktiiiir osas oula.

halla2 aktar shi baddeh oul inneh 3am 3aneh men e7ses 3ami2 bel eshtiya2 wel na2s bisabab ghiyebkon 😛

ntebho ya tiez ba3ed



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  • janwa: shu bombosit lamma teketbeh w tkhabbrineh kifik:) specially that u seem fine w pady mad3ous ta7t el sermeyeh wel 7aleh raw3a:D 7atta pady btw:DDDDD
  • beyroot: i posted...3 now it s your turn to write. ill be signing my name according to the name of the month. now im june u ll be fancy:) i miss yo